•           We eat green salad as an appetizer. But instead of boiled eggs, we add pomegranate and, sometimes,  kuskus. I recommend it for you. I am sure you will like it. God bless you.

    • This salad had egg but  most don't.  We are very flexible when it comes to salads.  I just tossed this one together from what I had on hand.  CousCous I have eaten and also Quinoa (said "Ken Wah") and pomegranates - I prefer juice.

  • Well, this is definitely making my mouth watering! In my country, we have what is called "Gado Gado". Gado Gado consists of various types of boiled vegetables such as spinach, cucumber, lettuce, and so on. What makes it special is it is served with creamy and sweet peanut sauce. Sometimes we sprinkle crunchy fish crackers over it. Which is make it even tastier. Oh, some chilies are allowed to join on the plate! Your favorite one:))))

    • so you cook the vegetables whereas here a green salad is uncooked (raw) vegetables.  The "bed" of mine  is made with a mix of spinach and kale.

    • Only lettuce and cucumber are not cooked. People in my country like boiled vegetables for their tenderness of texture, I suppose.

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    • I'm confused on the mayonnaise, milk and yoghurt.  Those wouldn't be typical ingredients here for a green salad.  Cheese is sometimes added (I added cheese to mine for example).


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