To Whom is  Concerned   !

Catalonia's independence movement is back in the headlines after Spain's Supreme Court jailed nine seperatist leaders,prompting days of protests. Catalonia is one of Spain's wealthiest and most productive regions and has a distinct  history dating back almost 1000 years.With a general strike and more protest across Catalonia ,politicians in Madrid and Barcelona are feuding over how to maintain control over the region's streets.

A split between Spain and Catalonia would cause a major political shake-up in the country but  would also have significant consequences for the economy of both sides....

1) Is Catalonia a dilemma for Germany and France also for the Countries of EU  ?...

2) Why the conroversy ?

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  • Told you. Not interesting.  Btw, distinct history? Cataluña has never been an independent kingdom.

    • I understand you well my friend Estanis... Thank you for your comment  !....


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