Hello , The fantastic girls, handsome boys, matured ladies and tycoon men of MyEC   ! I hope you're all fine !..Well , yesterday, my handsome friend Dara posted a topic on the tastes of Pepsi Co, and Coca Co. I've expressed him   not to bring easy topics to debate  , ıf so , I would bring very very easy one ....Okay.. Here you are  !

What do you prefere ? Cappuccino or Coffee Americano ?  2)  Are there any bad or good effects of drinking such coffees on our health ? Yea or Nay .. What are they ?  I!m requesting your logical comments on my questions , therefor, your comments going tobe published on the magazine pages of Guardian  on saturday or on monday at the end of this week...

Grazie mille ,

Adriano Martelli

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  • I prefer Americano coffee; Cappuccino might include steamed milk mixed to generate a unique aroma, a lot of people like its flavor, but not my style, I like black and pure one like Americano. By the way, Latte and Mocha also mixed with milk and its taste.
    Do drinking coffee any bad? Or any harmful effects on our health? No, don't trust those doctors and scholars, they say too much is no good, of course, anything too much absolutely no good, and other issue like influence on sleep, that's an issue of personal habit, my wife and me have drunk coffee for almost whole life, she always teasing, I need half cup of coffee, "how can I go to bed without drinking coffee."

    • Lol My friend Tony, I recommend you to drink a glass of hot milk,instead the coffee....Suddenly fall into sleep and see the girls in different  ages, I swear....


  • Wow... Wonderful..G'appetite Mary...Do not add sugar  !...

  • Both. At the same time. In an IV.


  • I prefer czech espresso=espresso lungo not americano.. Hahaa.. I made it a bit complicated, I know... I m just not a milk lover, this is actually my problem.. 

  • Capuchino. End of story.

  • i like cappucino 

    But that's not good for our healthy

    Why?? Because  other coffee has a caffeine 

    If you consume caffeine too much it's not good

    • I thank you very much for your nice comment , Sir.


  • A medium black sugar-free coffee, please (the brand doesn't matter actually))) Sometimes might be with some milk/cream. )

    I haven't felt its effect on my health yet, but what I can say is that it helps me to wake up early in the morning and it is kind of a break (as smoking for smokers). I need a break...here comes a cup/mug of coffee.

    I wish I tried famous Turkish mixture to get wings as Ella has )))

    • Lol, My funniest friend, First ,  I thank you very much for repliying . 2 ) If you like, I'd like to order a middle sugar Turkish coffee for you , , I swear ,you cant sleep till to next morning...Grazie mille...  Sorry, I forgot to say , please do not forget to buy a Guardian to read your comments , on sunday ..!

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