Blue Monday

According to some research the third Monday of January is considered as the saddest day of the year,  I know,  it sounds at least weird, well in my case I don't like this season but seems I'm not the only one since many agree with it. 


So you know,  next 'blue Monday' make your baggage and go somewhere else to avoid  the most depressing day.  Any other tips?? 😀

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  • researches have been in West, in North Hemisphere and you can select coldest time of this area and say "it is saddest day, week, month" etc. 

  • I did not know about sad Monday until today! So, third Monday of January does not exists for me and I keep smiling as usual.

  •      On behalf of myself, I like to meditate. Frankly, meditation helps me to compass my worries, my fears and, even, my anger. On other words, it is kind of healing. Then, my world be better and large. God bless you my friend.

  • If your traveling starts on Monday I think it will be the best day for you, my dear friends. ;) 

    And you will be waiting for this day so much. ;P


    • Can't agree more!   Trips heal body and mind.

  •  I will listen to this song and encourage myself.

  • Just sleep the day away or have a comedy movie day

    • I might try with one movie, first option is tempting but not available  :/

  •  Hi Estanis!

    Arrange a small party at home, and invite some relatives or friends. Time passes fast and fun when you are with friends.

    • Yess.. nothing like partying with friends sharing comments and some beers.   Thank you Saba)

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