I am a chinese girl.A  few days ago i  accompanied my Danish friend to hospital. He came to china alone and knew little about chinese,what's worse,he hurt his leg and only can use  wheelchair.So  i took him to the hospital and the doctor had his leg dressed.After that we decided to take  a lift to downstairs ,but unfortunataly there were too many  people to have even  a wheelchair in.Suddendly i though of the special lift for patiens ,then i told a on duty nurse about Jorgen's leg and asked her to have the lift open,but she seemd ignore me and told me there were too many patiens wanting the special lift.I was a little angry cause i knew it was often the case in china ,she just didn 't want to be bothered.But what made me mad was when Jorgen came to her and asked her to open the lift,she gave him a big smile and quikly called another nurse in the lift to open the lift.My god,i really don't know why.It is just some cases in china,sometimes you should keep yourself powerful so that you can help others and of course others will be more willing to help you.I know that ,but indeed these years increasingly  bribe ,corruption and moral values problems come up,it is really urgent to solve such problems,but i feel nothing i can do  ,it is a  irresistible tendency.Maybe there are also some social problems in your coutry,hope we can share them here.

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    • Thanks Ravi,you really hit the point.I didn't strive for my own right.I should take care of that and speak out my ideals.

  • Dear Kate, I can understand your feelings and I think most countries have the same problem. We are in the same boat. However, I don't agree with you that we can't do anything. Everyone can do something even if it is so small. I really admire your attitude and concern and I strongly believe people like you will change the world. So, we should work hard and educate ourselves. This is our job.
    • Hehe,Yes,you are right.Judge things in another  way can see the true life.Thank you !
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