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Do you use the dictionary frequently? How much does it help you ? It’s an undeniable fact that we, learners of English, need dictionaries to enrich our vocabulary. Who doesn’t ? Tell me, please! In my opinion, we will not depend  much on a dictionary if  we keep on  learning more  new words in our  life.

Today, I’m going to introduce a simple activity. All of you are invited to participate! It goes like this:

1I’ll post a new word on a daily basis.

2Your job is to write sentences as many as you like using the given word.

I believe that this will make the particular word stick firmly in our head,and we may not need the dictionary as far as this word is concerned. Okay, let me set the ball rolling!

                                                  The word for today is:

Word :  "Haughty"   adective   / ˈhɔːti /  

Meaning : Behaving in unfriendly way and seeming to consider yourself better than other people.

Sentence : The teacher has a rather haughty manner.

Now you write in the below comment box a sentence with the word "Haughty"  in it. The subsequent participant will give his / her sentence. You can keep sending in your sentences until I post a different word. Thank you!

NOTE: Did you miss the previous words? Do you really want to use those words in sentences like the current one? Not to worry – here’s what you could do! Go through the below comments. Look for the word posted by me along with its meaning and a sentence. For example, let’s take word #2 'Demure'. Now click on the ► Reply option that you see below that particular word of the day. Now all you need to do is type  your sentence in the reply box that opens up before hitting the Add Reply button. That’s it! Do the same for the other words that you want. Enjoy!

I'd like to thank my dear teacher  Gabriel  for his help and guidance to post this topic. I'd always be thankful to you!!



Check out the previous words that  have been introduced so far :

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Word # 2: "Demure".

Word # 3: " Despot".

Word # 4:  "Appease".

Word # 5:  "Erudite".

Word # 6:  "Acumen".

Word # 7:  "Jubilant".

Word # 8: "Promulgate".

Word # 9: "Munificent".

Word #10: "Rebuke".

Word #11: "Furtive".

Word #12: "Hinder".

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  • His broken leg hinders his moving around rooms.

    • Word # 13: "Haughty".

      Meaning : Behaving in unfriendly way and seeming to consider yourself better than other people.

      Sentence : The arrogant king looked on at the fighters in haughty silence.

  • The disability doesn't hinder his success.

  • My Dear Twin Asma!

    I didn't thank you yet about this amazing topic, it's so helpful! So thanks a lot :)

    Here is my sentence about the word: Hinder!

    The teacher hindered his students by giving them hard questions in the exam.

    • @ My lovely Twin,

      I'm more than happy to see you here. Thanks a lot for participating, I appreciate it!


      • Hahaha nice picture!

  • He is always deceptive his father by furtive acts
    • Word # 11: "Hinder".

      Meaning:  To make slow or difficult the progress, to limit the development of something.

      Sentence:  The student don't know whether the change will help or hinder their project.

  • His mother was suspicious about his furtive behaviour.

  • The thief looked about in a furtive manner just before picking my pocket.
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