What can you really do to have a marriage without problems

happy husband and wife and pleased children? Is love the only value you need to feel secure and full in your life?

Let's take a example of a family in which its members were once happy and respectful.They had one the other giving and taking ,sharing and being compassionate. They spent  their time in such a loving way  travelling and dreaming about creating so fantastic things.

Suddenly some day all this happiness was destroyed and in its place appeared  loneliness,depression and misery.They had money and all the materialistic things they had dreamed of but

they didn't have one the other. They were always busy stopped sharing and travelling or even dreaming.

What can they do to change this awful situation and find each other again?

Write your valuable ideas and opinions. Thanks in advance.

To all my friends here with love.

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  •  Some people believe that they only love and offer better than the others. They do it so showy that

    you cannot do anything.You feel so frustated that you don't want to show your feelings again and keep a poker face towards them.I feel pity for them. These kinds of people can destroy the coherence

    of the family and make the other members of the family feel afraid and not wishing to express their true feelings again. How awful situation!

  • Actually tough to say how they can get back those happy days! In my opinion, when family members stop taking care for each other problems emerge, relationship likes a tree/plant we everyday need to take care of it. Another point is  when a human being/family has got everything, then don't know why some problems arise?! But, if still there is love and care I hope they can solve any problems!

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