• Well,certainly not the English bulldog!

  • Cheetah :D

  • 2389566625?profile=originalI've been working on this funny and cute mascot based on the World Cup . I hope you'll like it .

    Carpe diem

  • Pinguin.. Cause Pinguin a unique animals, and that is same with EC. EC is unique page that we can improve our english here... :D

    • A penguin is a good idea. I love penguins! It's fun to watch Penguin Cams like this one.

  • I do not believe to mascot but if it had a mascot , It would be a white Pigeon because I like pigeon and also my mother believed that this bird is lucky bird.

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    It should be an Eagle as it shows divine spirit and considered as a chief of all the creatures in the air. It is associated with success, prosperity and wealth like modern days English. In the Zuni Tradition, the Eagle symbolizes the direction-up and in modern traditions EC is directing people to get success and prosperity through communication in English.

  • Lets unite together to teach and learn more ...
  • I do not like giraffe! But I choose this animal to be the mascot because this animal represents a big evolution for a big problem:
    How to eat leaves in high trees?
    End I believe that we have a big problem too:
    How to stretch up our mind to learn more languages?
    1- Stretching up our neck to see away
    2- Put our tongue out = to talk more
    3- Plug our antennas to different cultures
    4- Be relaxed to love and enjoy what we have to do
    5- Be well-read
    6- Not to be a genius to learn a second language
    Giraffe has a big neck, a big tongue(0.40meter), a big heart(0.6meters), something up head that is like an antennas, if you think a little, in Mexico, el Chavo, a child program, has a teacher that his name is "Giraffes", who represent a well-read person.
    This animal is a creative solution for a natural limits and I believe that animal represents my problems in the languages that I wish to learn, English.
    Excuse me for my write's mistakes.
  • my opinion is ELEPHENT...english clup is elephant...why because elephant are  give blessing whoever come to near as english clup2389378656?profile=original

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