I would like to introduce you to a beautiful landscape in Germany that is not far from my city ... The Spreewald (The Spree Forest). It's a magical place that looks as if it had sprung from a fairy tale. In the Spreewald, the Spree branches out, runs through endless streams, past small houses with ivy and flowers in summer and whose windows are covered in a powdery layer of snow in winter. In spring and autumn the colours seem to explode, the picturesque landscape turns into a feast for the eyes. And you drive your boat through the middle of this fairytale landscape.

Just look at this:



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  • How nice, Rose Iris. A beautiful place. I wish to visit it...

    Greetings from my temporary place! 


    • ynna ...... !  Ayyyyy what a  stunning scene is there !..I would like also to see the deers ...How much did you pay to buy for this picture ?..Was it teuer ? ,,

    • It's just one of the beautiful villages in Transilvania, all pictures are amazing there!

    • What a beautiful place, ynna. 

      Is there the first snow if this winter? 


    • Yes Rose, the first snow, few days ago.

  •  I don't have an appropriate word in my memory to describe the beauty there. I wish someday I will visit there. 

    • You are always welcome, Fake.

      Who knows! Sometimes, wishes come true.

  • Your description is woooo.....

    • Hi, bet. 

      As you are living here in Germany, it's possible for you to visit this place. 


  •   It's  a piece of paradise   .  I used to search for pictures  of nature  years ago  and pictures from Germany were always super beautiful for me . Especially  the castle and the forest  which  , I can't remember  it's name and many other tremendous picture from Bavaria  . I don't know if I am writing it correctly  . Unfortunately  , all my informations  about German nature are collected  from photography  sites .  Have a nice day dear Rose  🌷

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