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Hi there. I'm just new here and am glad to join this big family. My name is Vera, given by my first English teacher, and I like to go initials VC as well. I'm crazy about the criminal stories and science fictions, time travel, aliens, to name just a

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Hello English leaners !

Hello everyone!

I am new here and don’t know what to start with. So first let me introduce myself. My name’s Roman and I’m from Russia. I’m 43 and I’ve already been studying English for a long while........ but my English isn’t as well as I'd like to

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hi,,,here is md mehedi hasan, from bangladesh. recently i completed my BBA course. now i can realize english how much important for us. i have to learn english properly because i can not thinking my bright future without english. job sector is so muc

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my daily life

Hello guys, . I am a new member of this English club. I don't know how to start but first, let me introduce myself. My name is Jessie. I am from Thailand. This is my first time to write a daily routine here. ok give me a space to tell you the story o

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hello there...

hello everyone! well my name is Risma, actually I've joint this group for two years but never really use it. But now I start to use it again since I need this to improve my english skill.. I am still a student on English Literature.. nice to know yal

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Indonesian brothers

Hello from Indonesia.

iam andin, Surabayan people. Glad to know that i had joined at this english club. I get many friend from all over the world who can share about our culture, futhermore i can improve my english skill. thank you for all.

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My name izzz...

Hello everybody,it is cool coinscidence because exactly 6 years ago in October 2011, I joined EC :p Nobody has ever helped me to understand, what the hell was going on here - in fact - I had to follow my senses to be familiar with this platform and..

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