80 years old and up: A Blessing or a Curse?

Some people say old age is a blessing. I agree, but not to some point. I witnessed old people who are still energetic and maintains their natural glow at the age of 80, and they were still loved and cared for by their families. But some, unfortunately, lives alone and still working just to put food on their table, because no one will do that for them. They were alone, lonely and sick. Some died at a nursing home alone. They were abandoned by their families. While some were badly stricken with sickness but they have families who took care of them. How can we say it is a blessing? How can we say it is a curse? Is it right to fear old age? Have a good day my EC friends. 

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  • Of course blessing. Caring for elders is an exam for us. We should pass the exam successfully. Next years, we will be old too and we will get our rewords if we are well-doer.   

    • Hello tawfeeq.  What you said is so true.i hope i could successfully pass the exam. Thanks. 

  • Hello there, from our own culture (Madagascar), to reach that age more than 80 is a huge blessing, when we wish friends or families a happy birth day we always say "we wish you atteign the oldest one and will spend your time again with your grandchildren". But in some realities, old people face hardship because they have to care for themselves: health, access to food, water...because their families abandonned them

    • Nice comment rabarivelo. Thank you.

  • Hi Glo )))

    I strongly believe it depends on the inner world of one and his/her whole life experience. If one has been positive and easy going all the life, maybe in their life sunset they will be the same. At least, I hope to find myself climbing Everest in a company of young snowboarders (if my body still lets me do that). And let's see who will be funnier and happier: me at my 80s or them at their teenage (ok..let it be 20s) 

    And I will try to inform here how I will feel: either blessed or cursed at that age. It's pretty early to speak about it due to the fact that I can only judge looking at people around me and dream about being still alive, lovely, and crazy oldie )) Maybe I won't be abandoned (((


    I feel pretty good so far )))

    • Oh my dear OM, you really look pretty good! Yeah, i'd like to be lovely and crazy oldie when I reach 80! Mwahhh!!

  • Hello dear Glosky, 

    A nice topic for discussion. In my opinion if we are here living and breathing then we have to face what comes for us. Not all elderly people are suffering and not all are happy. It doesn't mean we can genralise and decide whether to live a life at an old age is a blessing or curse. 

    In this era of technology even people who fall in younger age groups may have to live alone . Some people face serious illness. It not only about old people dear. 

    Many people lose their family at very young age due to some tragedy. 

    Last but not the least we as younger genration have a big responsibility on our shoulder to take care of our parents and give them love and care which they have us when we were kids. 

    So dear we can't say whether it's a blessing or curse. Everyone is living their own life and what is written in their fate. 

    Thanks for coming up with this discussion.

    • Dears SNR,

      I miss you dear. Thanks for your good perspective on old age, loneliness, sickness and being alone. I like it. You brought up the other side of the coin, which i didnt realised. The reason why i brought up this topic, is because of my very own mother who is 85 years old. 

      • I miss you too dear:) 

        I hope u are doing well. As i dont know the actual situation of your family i will not say anything. I  just pray to God to keep your mother happy :)))

        • Thanks my dear SNR! Hope to chat with you soon! mwahhh!!

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