Your Smile

Do you know why I am always happy?

It is because something you have

Something that might be simple

But it is powerful and beautiful


Do you know why I always need you around?

It is because you get something I need

Something that is able to mend my broken heart

Something that is able to light my pitch-black mind

Something that you might share with the others

But still, yours is different.


In this sweet citrus afternoon

I am engulfed with joy

I am able to spread my damaged wings

I am finally able to smile again

It all happens when you give me a smile

You know, the most beautiful smile is yours

Thursday, March 22 2012


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  • wish you happy friend

  • our prophet says Your smile for your brother is charity.
    thank you so mush for this comment of yours
  • and thank you so much for those beautiful comment of yours
  • thanks for your shring my friend your are untresting person
  • hi Your Smile i am glad to you my friend
  • Sooo sweet..

    Thanks for sharing..

  • Aaaaahhh..thanks so much for those beautiful comments of yours, guys make me so happy :)

  • o my goodness ! simply nice.....keep it up

  • Really nice , great blog .

  • wow  wonderful  words indeed

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