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Negative Impact of cell phones on Relationships 

Dear Friends,

I know you all are quite familiar with this topic, so I don’t want to write a long story on this but a few things which I have observed in my everyday life.

Yesterday my friend had arranged an evening party to introduce her would-be. She was so much excited that she did everything by herself. We were delighted to attend the party. However it turned out to be the worst party we ever had in our life. He was on the mobile whole time chatting with his friends and it seems like he had even forgotten that we were there for meeting him. She was totally upset by his strange behavior and ended up with a fight. Why are we behaving so stupid in front of others?

Where are we heading to? A place where one can't leave their mobile for an hour, but can live without seeing their spouse for months. You know what many marriages have been affected by the adverse use of cell phones. A new study reveals that 60% of divorces are due to the excessive use of mobiles. It is one of the reasons for extra marital affairs too.

People would laugh at you if you say you don't have a cell phone. It is a prestigious issue to get the latest version of cell phones. Technology is growing faster, whereas relationships are getting weaker day by day. We feel very much excited to see an old friend online to chat, but we often forget our dear ones. Are we losing our privacy due to the adverse use of mobiles? I have seen many times in restaurants were husband and wife busy in their own world. They don't have anything to share. Moreover, we are molding our next generation to use mobiles from the younger stage. Why are we not teaching them to value relationships? Can you tell me 20 years from now where the world would be?

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  • The frustrating truth nowadays is that the majority of people are swamped in the social networking sites that can be available with them all the time through their smart phones .

    Due to this issue, many people never tire from it, instead they find it fun and it make their life better. I don't deny that I use my phone much, but I try my best to aviod it while I'm with someone. And i really feel sorry for those people who have no privacy at all in those sites..

    Thanks Niki for bringing this up ♡
  • @ Ana : That's a very good answer indeed :)

  •     I  think you're right my dear. It's a big problem nowadays. People must maintain their relationships and look after their loved ones.2389701349?profile=original

  • @ Kai - That's so funny of you :)

    Twenty years from now someone would have developed an app to manage family life via phone:D:P

  • @ Samu - True dear, it’s spoiling our relationships.
  • Yeah Ali she is very much worried and tensed seems like they are having constant fights on this :( it’s only a week left for their marriage.

  • Very nice topic and i feel sorry for your friend.....
  • Hi Noa: What you said is correct. We have to make conscious decision at least not to use phones especially when we are at party or with family however many are being addicted to phones. They are indispensable part of their life so it’s not easy for them to come out of the shell 

  • Yesterday, I had an Iftar with a few of my friends. It's been some times since we met with other and catch up on news. Though, everyone was busy, we managed to spend lovely time, laughing and reminiscing about good old days. None of us took our phone to check on FB or messages. We just took our phone at the end of the Iftar when we wanted to take a group photo.

    I think we have to make a conscious decision to leave all those gadgets when we are with our friends or families, when we are supposed to catch up with each other. Up-dating our status in FB, Tweets or Instagram is not important. Not everyone wants to know what we are doing every seconds, every hour, everyday. 

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