Yearly Goal For Reading

Yearly Goal For Reading

Hey Friends,

I am sure that some of you are tired fo seeing my posts with regard to the books but what I am going to do is to come up with another one to make you discomfort and encourage to read more tha a book till the end of the year. Last year, at the begining of the year, i decided to your 100 books and i successfully read 102 books. as a matter of the fact that, the quality is over quantity when it comes to reading but coming up with some number is in fact a way of motivating us or forcing us to read. Within the duration of this year, I would like to read 120 books and so far i have read 100books. I hope and believe that I can read and enjoy reading the remains of the books I intend to read. 

How about you? Do you love reading and Do you also have yearly goal to complete?

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  • i did and completed my goals..   the picture basically me when reading such a long time.. 

  • Well I believe that I have to say something for your opinion above:)Or else people will misunderstand and think that I am a broke and  an unsociable person . if we put what I am reading to a side , I am also working, going gym and taking care of my own family ;)I generally read books when I go work and come home back with same vehicle and it gives me sufficient time to read :)

    • OMG, Batuuu, even if you were "unsociable" ...  which I don't consider a bad thing looking around in the world, it would be your choice.
      Don't worry what others might think of you. ;)

      Take care!

  • LOL I intend to work and read less next year, and to spend much more time with my friends. XD 

    But good luck with your goal! ;)

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