Writing Challenge: My Eponym

We have a new vocabulary reference section on EnglishClub:Eponyms. An eponym is a word (usually a noun) that comes from a person's name. The person may be real or fictional/mythological.

Many English words are eponyms. You probably know some of them, such as atlas, braille, and cardigan. This month, we're going to invent words based on our own names! Please join me in the fun. 

Your Task 

1. Review a few of the eponyms in EnglishClub's list

2. Think of something YOU are known for or are good at. Do you make great muffins? Are you good at drawing realistic animals? Do you have a high-pitched laugh? Create a word that incorporates your first or last name and defines your specialty or skill.  This is your eponym. Note: Most eponyms start as nouns, but you can also create a verb or adjective if it's easier.

3. Start a new blog post with the title, Writing Challenge: My Eponym. Format your post just as the entries are formatted on EnglishClub

  • Word 
  • Meaning
  • Example sentence 1
  • Example sentence 2
  • Origin
  • Quick Quiz

4. Publish your post and share a link to it in the comments below. Visit other posts and take the blogger's quiz! 

My Eponym


Meaning: an idea that suddenly comes to you; it feels like it should be shared with the world 

For example:

1. I tweeted my benwelldea to all my followers. Some tweeted back that they would try it.

2. My best benwelldeas come to me when I first wake up or when I'm in the shower.

Origin: Tara Benwell is a Canadian writer, teacher, and blogger who specializes in materials for English language learners. She writes lesson plans and blog posts, and records podcasts, such as Listen to News. Benwell also loves learning and sharing interesting facts. One of her favourite things to do is come up with new ways of challenging English learners to practice their writing. She tries to make it fun so that they don't think of writing as work. Benwell's ideas often come to her suddenly, and she is quick to share them with the world. The benwelldea is named after her.

Quick Quiz 

Which of the following is an example of a benwelldea? 

a. a party game for a baby shower

b. a good friend named Ben

c. a  baby dear named Bambi

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  • @Garima That is very sweet! Thank you!

  • @setareh I love your name! It has my name in it. Don't worry! We have many different levels of writers here. There are no expectations. Have fun and learn a little English. Let me know if you have any questions. 

  • Your creativity is inexpressible ! TARA

  • Thanks Tara fir your interesting challenges. I really like to participate but sometimes I am not sure about getting you completely. Or I fear maybe I couldn't write as good as others.
  • @Tara

    The game sounds like fun. I just checked the app out - I didn't hear of the "Heads up", but I do know and enjoy the game "Act It Out". 

    I can't wait to know how you all enjoyed the party game. Don't forget to share - I was wondering if you could record the party game.

    I hope the party is a great success!

  • These are so fun! I can't wait to read some more words. Please join us in this challenge. It may look tough, but the model makes it quite easy to write. 

  • You got it Expector! I'm going to be using Heads Up! at a baby shower that I'm hosting next week. I can't wait! I made a personalized set of words to go with the "baby" theme. This idea came to me out of nowhere. I think it will be a very popular game with my guests. If you don't know Heads Up!, check out the app!

    Heads Up! A Fun Vocabulary App for English Learners | Sprout English
  • http://my.englishclub.com/profiles/blogs/writing-challenge-my-eponym-4

    Please correct my writing if there are some incorrect grammar. That's the first time I follow writing challenge.

    Thank you.

  • Hello Tara,

    thanx for this awesome challenge!! To come up with new words is great idea and I enjoyed it a lot. Here is my post: http://my.englishclub.com/profiles/blogs/writing-challenge-my-eponym-2

  • http://my.englishclub.com/profiles/blogs/writing-challenge-my-eponym-1

    A humble try from a shy learner.

    For your kind attention Tara

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