Writing Challenge: Mr. and Ms. EC Q and A

  1. What do you think is the best section in EC that has made your English learning improved? Why?

          Definitely, I will answer that the best section in EC that has made my English learning improved is the chatroom, the reason is when I am chatting at this section, It is easier for me to figure it out if my english conversation is understandable ,when someone is replying on my response at any topic. and it its a fun way too, because you are communicating with real people here and you can feel those connections like you are just talking in  reality. and for me the chatroom helps me to think fast and to think english rather than my native language, and the best part of it on my side is I can make friends at this section.

I didn't have time to edit my answer. that is my rush answer :D:D

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  • to mohammad , Yes , I still do it few times, that is my favorite line :D

    to Expectator , this is what I really like learning things unconsciously like chatting.

    to Evangelina, that was an honest answer, thanks for agreeing on my answer.

  • Yes, the chatroom can be so helpful in practicing spoken English. 

  • Dear Jesson,

       Nice Answer, you well said that "the chat room helps me to think fast and to think English rather than my native language". By the way, one of your famous sentences in the chat room was : "I'm here to kick your .... ", :D  hope you remember it. (^_^)

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