It's time for a new writing challenge! We had so much fun combining pictures and writing last month that I thought we'd do something similar this month. Let's have a MyEC Fashion Show!

Your Task:1) Choose a photo of yourself or a friend or family member. (Make sure you have permission to use the photo)2) Picture this person walking down the runway at our MyEC Fashion Show.3) Write the transcript that the announcer would say as your model walks down the runway. Be sure to include:a) the name of the model (this can be fictional)b) a general description of the "collection" (see categories).c) a specific description of each detail of clothing (including accessories; see examples)4) Use the tag #fashionshow5) Come back to this blog and share a link to your model.6) Leave comments for all of the fashion show contestants. Who deserves to win?Optional: Record the audio of your transcript and upload it to your MyEC player.*Use one model per blog post. You can add as many blogs as you want under the tag fashionshow!Useful Language for Writing Challenge #21:Verbsto sportto wearto be decked out into show offto have onto donto modelNounsjewelryfootwearclothingaccessoriesouterwear (coats, gloves)hatsClothing MaterialcottonpolyestersilkcorduroydenimCategoriesevening wearseasonal (summer wear, winter wear…)business wearcasual weardance wearsleep wearAdjectivesdesignertightlooseglamourousmodernchicvintageflowingoriginalone-of-a-kindOther details to includecolours and shadesbrand namesdesignersfitpriceIllustrated clothesIllustrated accessoriesMy Example

Here comes the tooth fairy, sporting a new item from the Fairies 2010 Spring Workwear Collection. The fairy's fuchsia bodysuit is covered with a long flowy chiffon skirt in purple, indigo and gold. The skirt is accessorized with a cheerful gold butterfly at the centre of the waistline. Our famous fairy is sporting a plastic halo of artificial daisies and lilies. Her pink designer tights are slightly worn, but durable. The outfit is finished off with a pair of leather Bloche ballet slippers, perfect for tiptoeing in and out of children's rooms in the middle of the night. The entire outfit is available in size petite only and can be purchased at your local fairy boutique for approximately $100 Canadian dollars.Listen to the first track below.

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  • Nadiya,
    You are a fantastic teacher! Thanks for helping. I hope Nebia will give it a try.
  • or :

  • hello Nebia, I try to explain how you can put your link at Tara's blog




    good luck, sister!

  • hello Tara,
    this's Nebia's challenge#21: fashion show

    Hi Nebia, I will teach about it again! :)

  • Dear friend Tara, I poseted my fashion show challenge , sorry to be late .
    I tried my best to add the link but it does not work with me although Nadiyah explained it to me I don't really know what is wrong. Anyway have a peaceful day dear, bye.
  • Hi Tara,

    reaily good one.

  • You all MUST check out Meissa's model. Link below. She has done an amazing job on this challenge. I am a very happy teacher today. :)
  • Hi dearest teacher ,Tara...and hi to all other visitors of this blog ...

    Thanks a lot again for the fresh and unique idea of adding this months' writing challenge,dear Tara ...

    Here is the link to my writing ...I hope that you enjoy ..
    Have fun
  • Hello, Tara! Hello, everybody!
    I've post a new blog "Writing Challenge #21. Fashion Show. Part 2 - Psyhology Of Colour".
    Please, visit it!
  • Don't miss this fantastic model, submitted by reiziuh. So beautiful!
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