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  • Seeing people on tandem bikes physically hurts my eyes.

    The gaff hook situation looks painful. Poor, um, I wanna say... fishies? (evil grin)

    And LeapFrog; a foolproof way to fracture your spine.

    • Plz be regular and drop by as many commnents as you can, cause all the comments are entertaining and interesting.

  • Well, let's think logically....

    1. I do not know what it is..therefore we'll skip it so far...

    2. something that includes two people working in unison...then it is picture C

    2. A frog jumps...the second picture is a game where one needs to jump (somehow really reminding a frog) is picture A. 

    Now let's get back to the first far as I do not know this word...and there is no extra picture to make my task more difficult....I come to the conclusion that GAFF is picture B. Let's consult now a dictionary...and TADAMMM....

    gaff /ɡæf/ noun [countable]   2. gaff  stick with a hook at the end, used to pull big fish out of the water.


    Thanks, Shaheen for making have some fun.

    stick | significado de stick en el Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English | LDOCE
    stick significado, definición, qué es stick: to attach something to something else us...: Conozca más.
    • O.M. You have pointed your finger completely to right direction. 

      and gaff= a stick with a hook or barbed spear, for landing large fish.

      How To Gaff a Fish
      Top pro tips on how to gaff mahi, wahoo, tuna and other offshore species.

    1 = b

    2 = c

    3 = a


    • Yeah, Rose you have answered correctly. Great Job!

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