Where is Paula ?

Has Anybody Seen the comment left by a user named Nadeem on Paula's page recently , the comment is as follows :

“I’m so sick… I need to go to hospital…Quinn taking me to hospital….he thinks I am having a heart attack”.

 '' I have received this text from Paula on 16th April through WhatsApp, and since then her cellphone , email box, WhatsApp and Facebook are not responding. I am extremely worried about Paula’s health. Kindly share her current health condition, if anybody knows or can know, please! ''

Her cellphone number is also mentioned in the comment but i have removed from the above due to privacy issues.

Can anybody update on Paula's Situation ?

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  • We are happy to have you back Paula , lots of wishes and prayers for your health.

  • Gosh everyone......thank you so very very much!!!!!  You have overwhelmed me with your good wishes and your caring........I have missed you all so very much!!!!!........I would never leave this place and not tell you if I could help it.  What happened was so unexpected and so odd for me......for I am usually so healthy........but it goes to show......never take one's health for granted.......I am so sorry to have worried you!!!!!  HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

  • Thank you everyone for showing your amazing support.

  • Paula is Back , this is the link to her recent blog.


  • oh Hope she will come back soon
  • Oh Thanks A lot Mr Josef for telling this News of relief to all of us , highly appreciated , I hope she will be back soon fine and healthy :) . 

  • Sorry. I misled you a little. Nadeem wrote to me and told me the good news. His comments on Paula’s page are less informative.

  •  Rose and Mr Josef , you are right indeed , Thanks for the explanation , We should show respect to each other and Hope the best for Paula.

  • Thank you for your continuous comments regarding this Matter Mr Josef , i have checked Paula's page and can see Nadeem uploading pictures but no word of update except i have seen that he has written Get well soon. 

  • I Dont know who Nadeem is but as i have seen him commenting on Paula's wall regarding her health issue and he is still commenting and writing Get well soon on her wall , it is quite obvious that this seems to be a situation we should be concerned with as she is our friend.

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