What is Life (Joy or Pain)

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Life is joy or Pain , when it comes to life one can not explain it correctly.

Sometime it becomes easy to live & sometime worse . Life is kept changing automatically . Nobody could make their life as it is being getting along. Everyone lives many stages of life. In childhood he/she learns good things as well bad things too. If good things lead his/her in good way afterwards, he can achieves what he is deserved He gains fame & name as well. then It is said he/she is getting along best. But it is also seen that a name & fame people get trouble in their life too. But that trouble are not terrified for that one. They get over that problem easily.

Sometimes such one feels that they can’t get over their trouble. But even in trouble they think gentle , how was their life before & how will be if i try a more with hope of getting over it.They he fix it  an awesome way to lead life with pleasure , They can change their life easily.

If a successful man is interviewed about their life. They always say he is learning to lead a better life. Actually the way of living make one’s life joy or trouble.

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  • Indeed life is the result of our choices. if you consider life as a book then we would be the author of that book. Nice writing.
  • Thanks to all, well, your comments are great , that inspire me to write something whatever i thought, Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced. The most important thing is to enjoy your life - to be happy - it's all that matters. Don't forget to love yourself 

  • Life is to be lived whether rich or poor if you live life well it will bring you contentment.  Don't let go of the wonder of life...there is still so much to experience.  Godspeed on your journey to life! :)

  • Sometimes we can live easily as well as face kinds of troubles, when we face trouble we should think of what we think before the mass and make the correct action.

    I think troubles is clouds in our life, and enough troubles can make a good sunset in our lives. I we do not do very well about the troubles in the future, we can make a summary of it and keep our positive heard.

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