Water Sprinkled Face

I was enjoying the music when suddenly I felt some water sprinkled on my face. "Rain inside the house?" I wondered. In fact, my mom had sprinkled some water to my face because she had been talking with me but I didn't give any response at all. "Sorry, mom. I was wearing headset. Don't you see?"

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  • Jaya Ram - Yes, it is. When we are so focus on something, we forget other things. :)

    Owais - You experienced the same thing? But I am sure not with the water. :D

  • lolz.. happens to me with headphones :D

  • Khalidat - No. It was an energetic old song: "Ring Ring by ABBA". You can find it on Youtube. It's good to dance. :D

  • They must romantic music was ....Is not it?

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