Most of the students including my son use the iPad to do his homework. Many times, I have witnessed that during the time frame of his homework, he is constantly connected with his school friends and teachers via the smartphone, asking questions and chatting. On the other hand, my younger daughter usually gets her homework on paper, but sometimes she needs to work on the PowerPoint and for that she uses the home computer.

My sister’s son is totally different as he used to grab the laptop and lock himself in the room to do the homework, which is by last done by my sister as he listens to music and chats with his friend without completing the homework.

This is not just the story of my kids, as the techno

logy is driving things crazy, many of the students are using technology to complete their assignments. The average county survey shows that more than 70% of the students are wither using tablets like my son uses the tablet for their assignments.

Benefits hidden in Technology for homework students

Many of the schools are using a learning management system or a built-in interface to connect with students like Edmodo that also provides parents to view the classroom work, assignments and their child’s progress.

However, more reliant on technology is also providing an option to the students to schedule their assignment easier. With loads of Google tools like calendar and classroom, the student can mark important dates on the app and Google will remind when to 

study about which subject.

Not only for students, but teachers can also easily get access to many tools on Google and also seek communication with the students. While parents can also view their child progress and also keep an eye about the progress of academics in schools. To attempt and submit the assignment help online is also making the life of a student easier and making a big change in their learning. 

Getting down for the Homework

Many of the studies in recent years have been conducted on the use of technology by students during their studying time. Many of the students seem to switch

 from studying to doing something with technology as checking their messages, emails, and browsing. The result showed that 80% of the students keep on switching which is creating a fuss on their academic grades and their attention is diverted between technologies and studying. The concluding statement of such studies shows that for better results, students must manage their social activities and study.

Tips for focus development

Now then, as the technology is the focus attention of the article, our kids very often are addicted to the invention and are making a craze of their lives within and outside of the academics.  We as educators and parents need to come from the top.


If, we want a change in the life of our kids and on their attitude and sitting glued to the smartphone, we need to draw a line. The discussion should be adopted in the corner meeting with your child and allow some screen time to play with technology and adhere to the rules. And also, draw boundaries of not using their smartphones while working on some important projects or preparing for assignments.

Tech corner

Inform your child to take a tech break every now and then and in separate timings, between homework and preparation to freshen your mind. Give a hip hop, ride a bicycle for ten minutes or get something to eat.

Final thought

This year is now about to end, but it is not too late to decide about the next year preparation and implementing the changes discussed above to be in front and actually feel better while working. For those students who are looking for British assignment writers in the UK must also give a high start to the next year and begin a family routine tome to stay focus and between the fun.

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