Train of Life**

Life is like an adventure or journey by the train. There are a lot of train stations, then directions change or sometimes there is an accident.

We catch this train when we were born, our parents gave us the tickets. We do believe they would go with us for long lasting but it’s not true because they have to get off at the one station and leave us alone.

Over time, we would see many passengers get in and get off again and again. Some of them become our beloved, attachment, relatives, friends or lovers. Then some of them have to get off the train at some stations, remains just desolate and remembering lasting memory.

This travelling by train is full of enjoyment, sorrow, miracle, greeting, leave taking and wish. The best travelling is helping, love and relationship with other passengers. The most marvelous journey is we don’t know when we would get off or which station is ours.

Therefore, we have to live magically, adjust ourselves, learning forgetfulness, forgiveness and giving. Think about what we would leave the wonderful memory to our fellow.

Thanks for being the passengers together. Wish we all have delightful journey at the moment.


Translated by Nangfa,


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  • Dear  AG,

    Thanks dear and I'm happy that you like it. We need to think about it if we would like to know more friends. Enjoy my friend.........:)

  • An awesome blog, Nangfa. 

    The journey of life is astonishing. I always meditate in my life journey. and I often have such meditations. sometimes it feels like we are miserable creatures, coz we have to accept the loss of beloved people after getting being intimate to them. Sometimes it feels like a training for emotions and strengthening lessons.. 

    in all ways, I loved the description "train of life". it makes us thing again and again about what we should do, and what we shouldn't.. about what we deserve to have and what it doesn't. 

    Thanks for writing this blog and sharing it among us, Nangfy.

  • Dear Ratu, exactly dear.But what I hope before getting out of the train is I want to do something that is useful for people whom are behind me as happy as I can. Good thing should be shared dear. Thanks for reading too.

  • Fa, it's a good analogy, we all are passengers, and will go out from the train when we reached our destination.....

    thanks for sharing 

  • Dear Estanis, I do believe our trip is set already but we don't know when but 

    before that time we should be happy with the good things, don't hurt others. That is enough to make us get off happily. No matter when our destination ends. Thanks for reading..:)

  • So true! Wish you all a pleasant and long trip :)
    Enjoy it!
  • Thanks for some friends who read and like.

  • Dear Alex......Please send me the link dear, I'll read it.Well, thanks for liking dear.

  • Dear Alice E, absolutely right, myEC is the best one to explain this blog.Thanks for liking it dear.

  • Let's make the most of this train ride then!  EC is a good start. Thank you for sharing this on the EC train Nangfa! :)

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