Today My Life Begins ~_~

I will break these chains that bind me happiness will find me leave the past behind me today my life begins

a whole new worhl is waiting its mine for the taking i know i can make it today my life begins

Life is too short to have regrets

so Im learning now to leave it in the past

and try to forget

Only have one Life to Live

every body plz Live u r Life ^_____^

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  • Very handsome like that

  • So true... !! We should not feel regret on past... We should live present happily.. Life is too short..
    So cute baby in avatar... :)
  • Min an ^_^ i hope u have happy days too

  • Blessing i love u r user name .....

    thank u for u r good comment

  • thank u sweety sophia ..... yes this baby veryyyyyyyyy cute

    i going to eat her ^_^

  • You're right,we all only have one life to live...let's look to the future
    Have a happy days :))
  • There's a saying, "If regret were pennies, I will be a millionaire". So, no regret, live life to the fullest.

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