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The Wedding

 Sarah and Adam decided to make their wedding on Monday. Adam is very mean. He did not want to spend more money on the wedding.  Sarah told her fiancé why on Monday, and he replied that most people would be busy with their work and no one would pay any attention. He told her that they would need her father and her mother. He said,

 "My uncle is the only person from my family."

" But why Adam?"

"There will be no expenses, a small piece of cake will finish the occasion." He replied.

" What about my sisters, my brothers, uncles and aunts. Adam! I have a big family!" she yelled at him.

Then he said sarcastically, "They will be at work my dear. They will know later."

"How,,, how could you? No, no I won't accept that. There will be no wedding at all." She said angrily.

This story reminded me of that story about the man who fled from his wife after they had been wed. It began like this:

The husband dressed in complete suit and a blue hat said,

" At last honey, we are alone in our kingdom."

"Yes darling,"

"I guess, we will be happy forever," she answered.

Then suddenly, he looked at many hats hanging on the wall and said, "What are these hats?"

She said, " dear, this is a long story"

"No, no I want to hear it." He prompted.

She began narrating,

" The first black hat belongs to my husband who died at war in Afghanistan. The second yellow hat belongs to my husband who passed out because of the fire from the kitchen.  The third white hat belongs to my husband who drowned in the sea. Oh! This one, the green one, oh! It belongs to my husband who died in a car accident. The pink hat belongs to my husband who fell from the fifth floor and broke his neck.,,,,,, the grey hat ,,,,,"

Without waiting for her to finish, the man took off his hat slowly and hung it up near the rest of the other hats and ran away saying, " and this hat belongs to your husband who escaped saving his skin."


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  • Vanakkam Sunshine! I really appreciate your nice interaction with my topics. I am glad about it. don't forget to extend my regards to your respected family and friends. Thanks for your nice comment on The Wedding!

  • Nice blog sir.. keep writing and give me their links bcz im your fan

  • Prodohas meu amigo ee muchas gracias Ivan! What seems senseless, or logically unacceptable can fall into place in some way or another. If you look deep, you will find that link. Just try again. By the way, I am still hoping to improve my Spanish, it is very poor, nevertheless, Thanks a lot for your comment on The Wedding!

  • Dayavaad Satya! Thanks, Satya for that one word comment.   

  • nice writing but i can't see the conexion between the two stories. speaking about the story of the hats, i can say that I love skating and I do it a lot, and i know that i can fall but that does not stop me to keep doing it. dara gino veo que tambien hablas español you are awesome!!

  • funny

  • Karena Nigh T teman saya ! Terima kasih!  This is because you are my friend. Thanks for your good comment on The Wedding!

  • Teskkur ederim Arden! Thanks for your comment on The Wedding!

  •  funny stories indeed. made me laugh :))

  • Kenapa bingung, Fizzy? Why are you confused? Thanks for asking a question on The Wedding.

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