The story of a pencil.

    The child was looking at his grandmother who was writing a letter. After a while, she asked her.

-Are you writing a story which happened to us? Is it a story for me?

The grandmother stopped writing, smiled and said to her grandson:

-Really I'm writing about you. But the most remarkable thing of all the words is the pencil I use. I would like when you grow up to become like this the curious child looked at the pencil but he didn't see anything special about it.

-It's the same with all the pencils that I have seen in my life.!

-Everything depends on the view you observe things. The pencil has five qualities which if you can manage to keep, you will be in harmony with this world.

First quality: You can do big things but you must never forget there is a hand which guides your steps. This hand is called: "God" and he  must

always guide you according to his will.

Second quality: From time to time must stop writing and use the sharpener this makes the pencil to suffer in a way. , but in the end, it will be sharper.

So you must suffer certain tests because they will make you a better person.

Third quality: The pencil always lets us erase the mistakes. Understand that when we correct something we did it's not necessarily bad but important to be in the path of right. The fourth quality is the graphite that's inside so you should take care of your inside and the fifth quality leaves always a scar. So everything you do in your life will leave traces and you must try to have awareness of each of your actions.

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  • Wait! Are you telling me that god guides my pencil???
    ugh... that explains a lot...


  • Dear Mishaikh,

    First I would like to thank you for your comment and secondly that I appreciate your corrections. Nobody is perfect in this life.

    Many kisses and love.


  • ......................After a while "he" asked her. (the child is a grandson),

    The grandmother paused, smiled, and said to her grandson:

    Yes, (or of course), I'm writing for you, but actually it is about the pencil I am using to write.  The curious child looked at the pencil, but he couldn't see anything special.  "it is the same like all the other pencils I see all the time."  

    "You will understand when you grow up." The grandmother replied softly. "Every aspect of life depends on how view them......................................"

    Very nice blog @Anastasia.  Above sentences needed some finishing touches which I did, hope you don't mind.


    MyEnglishClub (MyEC), your page in English
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