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Have u ever heard about this before? Actually, it is rarest suffix I've ever heard. But, last two weeks I was given an assignment about this suffix. Now I know some nouns that are formed by suffix -ee. So, I want to share some to you all :)

- refuge > refugee

The refugees needed food badly.

- escape > escapee

The escapee leaves his country

- commit > committee

The committee did an important meeting yesterday.

- return > returnee

The returnee is welcome by her family.

- trust > trustee

Mr. Jason becomes her trustee after her father died.

- refer > referee

The referee give a yellow card for Gonzales.

- absent > absentee

The absentees were given assignment by the lecturer.

- attend > attendee

The attendees will get sertificates after this seminar ends.

- goat > goatee

The man cuts his goatee.

- appoint > appointee

He is a political appointee

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  • yup. thank you :)

  • May be this is the same one..

    employ > employee

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