Everytime we send greetings to someone, we wish their dreams come true.
Yes indeed, each of us has many desires in life and wants all of them to be real one day.
Unfortunately most of aspirations are often left only as dreams. Why so?
Maybe because we do nothing to make them true. Maybe the majority of people are just dreamers and never do anything escept dreaming. Friquently I hear from my friends: "I wish I could...", " I would like...", "My dream is..", "I really want..." But at the same time they do nothing to approach their purpose . What do they wait for? Time is not eternal.
As for me I love to dream and I am so happy when my dearest wish is granted, yet I am realist. I make efforts to fulfil my desires. Yup. Not all my attempts are successful. But I never give up! It is true. Sometimes I am hopeless. Poor me! LOL
Someone said If you could make your dream real it was not a dream. It was just a goal.
What do you think about that, guys?
What did you do to fulfil your desires? Did you achieve your purposes in life?

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  • Privyet Lana! I wish I were in your beautiful country. Thanks for sharing.

  • It is gorgeous! You are a magician, dear Olga! Or you are such a lucky person because all your dreams came true. Good for you.
    But I am sure you will never stop dreaming. We are all kinda romantic, believe in impossible things and can't live without desires. All of them make our life brighter. Especially when we make our wishes real. )))
    Thank you for your comment, dear!

  • Hi, Svitlana ))

    Let me just add a few words about my own life experience. I do know that dreams come true. No matter how to call it: a dream or a goal...I mean..if that can be achieved by you and as you say when we "make efforts to fulfill our desires". That is why one should be sometimes careful with the dreams..heh...thinking what consequences they can cause )))

    Mostly...almost all my wishes became my real life. I am thinking now that I am running out of them (so pity)...even do not know what to invent else ))) But...I don't give up..heh...

    Thank you for the blog.

  • Wow, dear NotAClue! You changed your mind!
    I am so happy to know that you are trying to realize some of your wishes. Go ahead, dear! May all your dreams come true.
    Yesterday I was talking to my dreamer. He said: " Dreams are great." I answered: " But If they come true it is greater! "
    Seems he agreed with me. LOL
    Good luck with your wishes, dear NotaClue!2602629019?profile=original

    Thank you for your greetings! 


  • Hahaha, Zivi!

    It is never too late to start again. You can be the first man on Mars! Do you know A space mission is scheduled for launch to planet Mars? Step by step, march ahead!

    Indeed It is so great that you always work to make your dreams true. 

  • lol, when I was a young kid it´s been my dream to be the first man on the moon. :-( Neil Armstrong has been faster. lol

    Though there are some other wishes/ dreams/ desires I can work on their realisation.

  • Ohh! Dear NotAClue.
    I am really surprised that there is someone who never dreams. Why does it happen? Don't you like to believe in something better? Don't you like to change your life to the best? Or maybe you are so happy and satisfied your life totally? In this case I am so glad for you. Anyway people like to dream about the future, about unfulfilled wishes.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, dear.

  • @Frecroc, coming to my land is not out of reach at all but watching Ronaldo in Madrid' stadium dressing in white is more difficult, he's not here any more ;/

  • Dear Fecroc! If you need any crazy idea don't hesitate to ask me about that please. Lol. I have millions of them.))  

  • Yes, Estanis! Don't wish a lot. Lol. Be modest in your desire. Hahaha  

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