THAT TOUGH COLD WINTER passed taking with it those elongated nights and shortened days of light, melting with a beam of sunshine the last whitish snowflakes over the tight grass.

On a lonely corner was “the bench”….while dawning she opened her “ears” listening to a tender song of a small sparrow perching on a slight branch.

Lengthening her wooden arms, still yawning she opened her dazzled eyes. With a blurred vision she saw a colorful bouquet of newly budded flowers, two straight trees looking at the horizon and a refreshing water fountain.

She did not know how long she had been sleeping. She only knew her heart was beating full of life and that her brain had recorded the last yearnings of those who had sat there before she fall asleep:

That thin-skinny woman with two little boys who was crying because she lost her job and did not know how she was to feed them…..

A cheerful couple who dreamed for long hours about their future and swore love forever….

One stubborn young man wearing rounded glasses that studied from a thick book dreaming to become a great doctor….

Those lively friends who gossiped and joked carelessly…

That calm old woman who knit while recalling with every stitch those lovely moments that would never come back….

The bench realized she was alive, ready to hear once more those hopes, sorrows, joys, triumphs and hardships that entwine every human life.  With energy and eagerness while grinning the brown bench curled her wide mouth and said: IT IS SPRING AGAIN!

Thanks for reading it!

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Janeth Duarte

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  • Yes, I will think about it.

    Thank you, Janeth!

    Have a nice day!

  • That is a pity Roman, but you can sit on that bench enjoying Winter landscapes and reading a good book in English or making a great video as you usually do!! (or juggling!!).  Have a good rest!!

  • Enjoy it, Olga! :)

  • :) Spring is supposed to come not sooner than 6 months :/

    But thank you! :)

  • Hi Roman!! Thank you for your comment! I think you can enjoy both of them!

    I hope that a wonderful Spring comes to you soon!

    Have a great day Roman!

  • I can't decide, what I like more here, that comfortable view in your picture or the meaningful and thoughtful poem! 

    I've felt that I miss Spring, after reading it.

    It is very beautiful!

  • Hi Fizzy!  I am glad you enjoyed the blog!   Now I think I should add:  "That cheerful and nice girl who read a lovely book and never felt alone".

    Thanks for reading and commenting!! I wish you a fantastic Monday!

  • Thank you Salma for your nice words!

    A friend of mine sent this photo to me. I thought it was a good picture. I wanted to describe it writing two lines but then my "pen" got inspired!  Your words encourage me to keep writing!

    Enjoy a great week!

  • Hi Rosemary!! Thank you for your comment on this blog. I appreciate it! I like all your blogs and your tips have been very helpful for me!  Thank you for your great job here!

    Take care and have a great Monday!

  • Hi Rose Iris!!   Yes, I agree with you, while I was writing the blog I thought many stories that bench has listened to. I bet all kind of them!   It was worth giving her a voice!   I am glad that you liked "the bench".   Thank you so much for your comment.

    Have a great week!

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