terrorism in paris

I feel sad when I hear the term terrorism. lately there is news about terrorism in paris. which claimed approximately 153 victim. I really regreated that happpen, that make me remember terrorism which occurred in my country in bali. I agree that terrorism must be eliminated, but I do not agree if there is an assumption tilted if Moslem countries was the mastermind of this incident. 

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  • Terrorism has no religion. We all Should stand together against Terrorism. I agree with you.


  • Noona@ i'm sory to hear that. That should be didn't happened. Only god will reply them, go to hell terrorism, including the actors. I hope the victim get to heaven.

  • Jamal@ yes i agree with you.

    Hurieh @ i think theres is a country that uphold the humanright, but they can't eliminating racism in their country.

  • There would be no war, violence, extremism, slaughter, genocide, and exploitation provided that people leave their selfishness. Self-centerdness can be a major factor for crossing the lines of human rights.

  • Yes i agree with you that terrorism must be eliminated ...and i'm sure that terrorism means israel and it is the origin of all this terrorism .....the end of terrorism  can't be started without the end of zionest

  • Yes indeed, there always been some ulterior motive behinds these acts of barbarism!

  • @Mishaikh that's really unfair if one country attacked by other, except the have another motive to do that.

    @dara gino; i hope so, terrorism must be eliminate. okkay dara gino i would like to.

  • Selamat pagi Aryo Julistianto, syangnya, hal itu terjadi. I hope the capture those criminals soon. Could you add me to your friends' list> 

  • After 9/11 the coalition armies attached Afghanistan..................now which one is going to be the victim?

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