Strategies In Cricket And My Life.

        When you are keen observant and extract pearls from your experience for your life and that of others through observation, you are not included in the list of lessors. You transect your business with your own life, give and take. What pearls for life I figured out from cricket are  mentioned below:- 

        In cricket, there are two teams battling for domination, but the real battle is staged between a bowler and a batsman on the pitch. The fielders on the ground are the supportive members for the bowler.   There are  three types of bowlers such as fast bowler, medium pacer, spin bowler. What type of bowler may be, but his main intention is to trap the batsman. For he (bowler) sets fielding on the ground against the batsman and bowls according to his plan. In a nutshell, he makes an strategy before delivering the balls to the batsman. It gives me a hint “make strategy first before doing anything and do according to your plan”.  Whereas, I, from the batsman side, consider it a conspiracy of the bowler against the batsman. Now come to the batsman and think from his standpoint. The batsman first learns defensive shots in cricket and then lofty shots. In the battle of life, you must improve your defense first before attacking others. From religious perspective, first get the habit of avoiding sins bebore planing to do virtuous work. Second, when you have no defensive strategy, you may not play long inning and out from this battle. For you must keep patience and wait for lose delivery to hit. In the whole battle between the batsman and the bowler, the winner is the one who gets over the pressure consciously and patiently. The pressure overcome by one side automatically shifted to rival side. 

        I learned from my experience as a cricketer that putting pressure on other is like fighting your own reflection into water. You are likely to be trapped in it built by your self.  You just need to tackle the pressure by keeping  yourself calm (optimist) as far as possible. In doing so, there are less chances of losing anything. It is not so simple. For you need constant practice and for such practice you need at least one bowler in your life ;D and when you find him, never lose him, rather hold him tightly ;)

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