[STEAM- The automatic irrigation and heat lamp system- Beginner]

The diagram explains the process of an automatic irrigation and heat lamp system to care for a plant and what they combine.

Overall, the system is composed of four essential sections and other subparts to perform two functions.

According to the diagram, the most important unit was a microprocessor (Arduino) which played as a brain in the system and accompanied by a receptor was the temperature sensor (DHT11). Besides, it was also crucial parts in the system as the irrigation system and heat light which protected directly the plant from the transformation of temperature.

The standard temperature was set in a range of 30 to 31 degrees. If DHT11 detected the environment temperature was hotter than 31 degrees, the system would be in response to the changing by activating the irrigation system to reduce the degree of heat until the temp was as low as the standard then stopped watering the plant. On the other hand, the lower temperature than 30 degrees activated the heat lamp to increase tempt inside the greenhouse until it was equal to the normal.

 Thanh Dat - Arrow





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Thanh Dat - Arrow

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  • Hello Arrow !... That's a trully great project !.... If you think to sell this project  I would  to buy and adapt it on my farm. I am interested in the serious projects ...Congratulations .

    ( I need detailed informations, plan and the prospectus if you have ).. Grazie .

    • Oh, thanks for your comment!

      I am very interested in your request. However, we have to discuss more my project.

      Please, contact me by message! Thank you!

      Have a nice day!



  • Good Lord, where have disppeared the times of projects based on bimetal sensors, vacuum switches and camshaft operated motion systems...how I miss those painstaking projects....CARAMBA!

    • Lol, The long-eared thing , Do you mean DISAPPEARED ? .. Re-read your useless  comments before posted  !

  • Nice post, Arrow!! Aw... how I miss having time for projects like this. My UNO R3 is covered in dust. Meh. 

    • Thanks for your comment! 

      From my point of view, you get to make a project of Arduino throughout the time staying at home to avoid the coronavirus. 

      Have a nice day!

      Good luck! 

      • Wrong guess ... and this is the reason why we should never made any assumptions about people's lives we don't know nothing about. ;)  

        Enjoy your time!


        • oh no, if I have something wrong, I am sorry!

          I meant this time, we are facing a pandemic  (coronavirus), we must spend time staying home as much as we can, So this is time for us to run this project!

          Have a nice day!

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