Rainy day

It was a hard day in office, the train was too much late. I was pale with exhaustion. I got off the train and looked around to buy something for my little son. Ohh.. day became wrest, sky suddenly turned in to dark while blowing cold winds rapidly around the city, people were rushed to there vehicles birds were moved quickly to there places. I rushed to taxi immediate after brought two fish buns. It was terrible, all taxis were full, I have to go half mile under the rain. If I stay until the rain finish my little son will cry. '' I don't want to make him cry, I can bare this cold and rain drops'' I tolled to my self. I began to run under the buildings as much as covering from the rain, and keeping that buns without wetting. Finally I reached to my place, he was in front of the door with grand mother. I felt now I have everything that I need in this world. I looked his pretty eyes and asked how are you, he softly tolled "I'm ok, you was wet, please change the dress quickly, don't get sick, I love you "  I kept two buns on his hand and pass by him slowly to changed the dress thinking about his future...

when I came out from the bathroom he was in front of the door and asked me to take him up. when I do so his face became light, my soul became free....I don't know how he light up my life...  

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  • You have a great son.His words make me tears.Felt love so much about your son.May triple gem bless him and your loving family.

  • It is moving story. Wish your son is always healthy, happy, and continuing lighting up your life.

  • Was it true?
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