She is the Miss Japan in 2024. Her parents are Ukrainian. She raised in Japan from five years old. She acquired Japanese nationality one year ago. Some Japanese people think that she is very beautiful but she doesn't represent Japanese women. She says that her personality is Japanese though her figure is not like a Japanese woman. What do you think about her win?


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  • The idea that these things even properly represent women of any nation is flawed in general. If you are going to do international pageants at all, then it should definitely be based on nationality not ethnicity. You said she was raised in Japan since she was 5, so there would be no real reason to disqualify her from winning. How long does she have to be in the country for her to be considered a fellow countryman? Never?

    Both her parents are Ukrainian so she's ethnically Ukrainian, but what about a more blurry situation like people who have parents of different ethnicities? Do you think multi-ethnic people should be excluded from all national and international pageants? After all, mixed-race or multi-ethnic people do not make up the majority population of any nation on Earth. 

    • Hello, Hilary. Thank you for your coment. The purpose of this contest is to deside a most beautiful woman who represents their country. No doubt she is very beautiful, but she doesen't represent Japanese women, because most Japanese women are not like her. If a white beautiful woman was chosen to Miss Kenya, many people in the world would feel strange, because many women in Kenya are not like the white woman.

    • That's part of my point. Nationality and Ethnicity aren't the same thing. Since these pageants are using nationality as the basis, then ethnicity shouldn't be a factor. If you really want to judge ethnicity, then have a pageant on ethnicity.

    • Thank you for your comment. Japan isn't a multiethnic country, so many Japanese people think that Nationality and Ethnicity are the same. 

    • Japan has residents and citizens who aren't ethnically Japanese, so it is. It doesn't matter if many Japanese people think that nationality and ethnicity is the same, they're simply wrong.

    • I think that beauty pageants that decides a woman as a representative of the country should be basesd on ethnically if it is possible. However, I understand that it is difficult for multiethnic countries like the U.S. 

    • It is well known that Beauty pageants on any stages are a business. Sometimes it includes political and social agendas. The contest is like the entertainment. We don't know what the contest organization wants to drive this year. 

    • hello, _V_y Thank you for your comment.

    • The beauty attitude of the past may not apply to the beauty attitude at the present time Because the world has changed in multidimensional perspective  

      This time, the stage did not choose the same things but made changes, choosing things that were different from the past.. The main objective of organizations are increase sales and make an higher profit so The contest stages crowd the winner who they want, not the contestant we want or the fans want . 

  • nice i like japan people

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