I have been in an online social media for the purpose of enhancing my English proficiency, professional growth, make friends around the world, know about interesting facts on foreign men and women, education and lifestyles..etc. Due to the fact that  I love to have more friends and curiosities ignite me that a friend of mine here in EC suggested a site. I signed up immediately and begun to gain friends. Several friends whom I made an exchanged emails seemed to bother me when they refuse to let me see them on cam via skype. It is very funny that they also describe themselves..too hard to believe positive adjectives were used seemed to be almost perfect. When I always invited them, very curious...they refuse and they change and ignored the topic..of seeing them on cam lol ... why do they love misleading people and having fun doing it? 

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  • we should understand the situation of each other, respect someone refusing you to chat on live cam. maybe that person has no webcam or not in mood...

  • we should let others left, if they don't want share on cam, i think they refuse cos, they find it hard to share, You are saying that one must be positive, they are positive unless they hide theirs personal things. That's  all my view . Please add me teacher i am new here and want to learn & speak fluent , i find difficult to share my thoughts in english please help me 


    Atul from India

  • actually I don't care if my friends and I talk with cam on or off, thing matters most is what we can share and talk to each other. If they can open their cam it's great, if they can't it's also fine. I think they have their own reasons to do it and I respect them.

  • That is right
  • Agree with you Joy, people have mouth full of talks when it comes just to chatting etc but as for skyping with webcam, I bet that only 10% of them here would go for it. But whyyyy??? Are they shy, scared, want to stay anonymous, which increase their self-confidence..hard to say...
  • Hi Teacher Joy

    I always ask my friend in EC to open cam but they refuse. I do not criticize them ,they have justifiable reasons for sure. It is nice blog ,thanks.

  • Hmmm .. even when I do Skype chat with my EC friends, I will not do cam because normally when I have the time to Skype, it's already late in the evening. Then during that time, I usually just wear my pj and relaxing on my bed. I would like to think some people don't want to show themselves via cam for such 'embarrassing' reason, rather than just trying to have 'fun'.

  • Al-Abbas,

    Thank you about your comment.Indeed! These people seemed love this deception thing and having nice feelings of doing such lies. I had one experience also that he will transfer money to me.The amount is very huge like millions

  • hi 

    this is important topic and very common in social media website , i also face the same problem and i dont know why these people do that??

    i hope to add me on skype al.abbas92

    to speak and exchange our thoughts and ideas  

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