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Where there is love there is faith,                 

where there is faith there is peace,

where there is peace  God is

and where it is God is not absent anything.

God is Love




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  • Love is pain as well, god is fine as well, woman are best as well, don't mean that i am talking like a feminist! I love my first Latin American friend Lucy.. Super like to your post, Lucy!

  • Thank you dear Fumi,

    I agree with you, this phrase is sincere and true.


  • No, thank you! for a great explanation and very useful link for me.
    Sorry for the misunderstanding.   :(

  • Hi dear Ha Nguyen,

    what do you mean? You do not like the quote or what?

    By the way , thank you for reading my blog.


  • Hi dear Sahar,

    I am so glad you like this great quote. And thank you to you too...


  • Great!
    Very beautiful!
    Thanks :)
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