Problematic Of choosing Leaders

Many questions may be raised when it comes to think of the best mechanism for choosing leaders.
I think that elections , dictatorships, coups, domination of one party power, monarchy, principality and sultanates are not excellent ways to authority for leadership.
Unfortunately, Election sometimes opens up a pandora's box of disasters against voters and even people all over the world. That makes us wondering if there is really democratic states!
As far as I know, in many countries the rate of ignorant electors is bigger than the enlightened electors so the winners will come by the votes of ignorant electors rather than enlightened. Moreover in many cases the will of people in elections would be fabricated by fraud ballot box stuffing. And when the winners come they would stay more presidential terms by changing constitutions in lame excuses. History proves that many leaders had unconstitutional abuse of using power.
We can safely assume that monarchy, principality and sultanates are very often relinquish power according to inheritance, bringing unqualified descendant rulers. And usually loyal families get ill- gotten gains whereas people languish in abject poverty.
In past, the votes of Centre Party and Conservatives in the Reichstag brought Adluf Hitler to seize power in Germany in 1933. So it was as same as the dictatorship which enabled General Franco who lasted for nearly 40 years or brought saddam Hussian in 1979 who lasted 35 years and made Iraq bellwether of the region or as same as coups which brought Idi Amin Dada Oumee, the butcher of Uganda he lasted as the president from 1925 to  August 2003.There are many examples like them.
So, to sum it up; all these ways of choosing leaders have significant repercussions. So thinkers should invent a new mechanism for rotation of power to prevent new blood bath.

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  • Hello dear Arif.
    I guess that even though there is parliamentary system in Pakistan which is similar to British system but elected governments can't fulfill people's demands there. People still suffer though they are good and deserve a better situation. Sometimes ,the problem lurks in people themselves rather than the system of election. People should have awareness when they vote.
    Thank you Arif for thoughtful comment .

  • We are also facing the same situation in our country. Present Prime Minister, Imran Khan who is internationally known as former captain of Pakistn Cricket team has been PM after making so much promises while doing all against them (promises). He is just interested in doing smoething which makes him popular and famouse whereas economics is being deteriorated day by day. These politicians whose words and actions accord with each others are reliable as campared to those who just talk high and do nothing. I am glad to see you writing again .  

  • You brought up a very interesting and important problematic, tawfeeq.

    I agree with you on all the points you mentioned.
    You know, even the leaders who used to have the best intentions, often change after they've had a go at power. Then, they forget where they came from, for what they should stand and be responsible, and often even the simplest human rules and values.
    You have listed examples as evidence. Although most of them are already history, the problems and their effects are still the same and valid. It never changes.
    That's why it is difficult for people to choose and vote for the right leaders.

    • I think every career has its rules but only politics. Politicians have no moral norm. In a course of life we read and see wars, crises , starvation etc. All these terrible events were as a result of abusing power.
      I am certain that the memories of people who participated in wars or suffered from oppression will never erased from their minds. All of that because stupid leaders and the unconscious of people who help them to seize power.
      Thank you very much Rose

      for spending your precious time to read my blog.

  • I hate to say you're not wrong.  Actually it's just been proved in my country.  

    • Yes, it is poven everyway. Thank you for your nice comment.

  • Hi, it's an interesting topic. I think democracy is the best way so far because we can change our leader by fair elections if the leader misgoverns a country. Of course, we need to know many things to chose appropriate leaders. Moreover, anybody can be a leader of a country if he is chosen by elections.

    • Maybe collection is better than other ways but it is not the best way. It is generous of you to add nice comment here.

      Tahnk you Tam.

  • If all citizens think like you, probably your country will be able to have a good leader. Nice to see you writing again!

    • Hi Anele. You helped me a lot in past. No doubt, you are always very oriented to helping learners in EC. I hope to see you around.

      Thank you so much my dear friend.

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