Oh precious,

 Ask people; from my hands,

 you drop and drift away!

Oh precious,

If you come, I might take some failure

I feel the secret of wanting

If only you know my longing to you!

The story of love will go away

They are just seasons of spring.

Moreover, there will be no drought or dryness.

I will round up all those failures.

Oh precious, can you feel that?

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  • Domo arigato Tam. You know, I am an old man. I hesitated thousand times to write the title of that poem. Our young lady, Precious is in her twenties or maybe less than that. I was afraid people might think that there was any love story about us. Of course, it is impossible for a man of my age to do that. I respect my wife and my daughters too. Thanks Tam for your nice comment.

  • Rain must be precious for people who live in the area where it rarely rains. Love and peace are precious for me and all people.

  • Main kiya karega Rahul? Paihili, main dara hua hoo. I was afraid of the two names. Precious, my friend and Precious the title of that poem. Thanks Rahul for your comment.

  • Kiya haal hain Precious? Aap janta kiya hoowa? Main dara hua hoo, aap naraz. Sorry, I could not continue in Urdu, my Urdu is very bad. I hope I improve it soon. I was afraid that the members might think that the poem is related to my friend, Precious. Thanks for your nice comment. 

  • Bahut shukriya Nazir sahab. Thanks for pressing the like button of that poem. 

  • Tumara merhbani Gulzar Hussain. I really appreciate your encouraging comment. Thank you.

  •  dara gino precious thoughts!!! Great

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  • Maraming salamat Glenn Field. Paki, gusto ko kaibigan mo. I hope to be one of your friends, is it possible? Thanks for your comment.

  • Love it :) 

  • Terima kasih banyak teman ku. Saya sangat menghargai itu. Thanks Adi for your nice words. 

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