Don't die, please!

 Would you believe me if I say once I wanted to die! Hey, It's my own personal experience which I want to share with you. It's true, I myself went through this devastating situation.

In our country, specifically, in our young age, we faced lots of pressure to get chance in our desire subject at university level. Don't know why  everybody was so serious!

Anyway like other students I had a specific aim. I achieved good result in higher secondary examination. But, unfortunately I wasn't being able to get myself admitted in my desire subject .

After that, I had found myself in a devastating situation. I stopped talking with others, stopped dreaming, didn't want to get out from my room. How many days I didn't see moonlit night, you never can know. This situation remained at least more than 2 and half years.

Sometimes I wanted to die, many time I passed thinking which would be the easiest way of dying! But, believe me, this situation did not give me any solution. Rather I missed couple of good chances, I am sure!.

 Now, if I can get back in those days, I would like to fight against this sort of melancholy mood . I am sure, that time I totally broke down. It seemed to me, there was no chance to get back.

But, I was wrong, I was totally wrong. Because, there is always chance to get back!

Yes, in spite of that worse situation, I got chance in a reputed public university though in another subject. And, I took some more time to be normal but I did it. So, please live your life!

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  • Thanks....

  • I'm so glad that you help your self to overcome all that tormented feelings. 

  • Hey I'm so glad u r ok.This even will change ur whole life!
  • Sometimes when we are facing with devastating results, everything seems to be trivial. Nothing is important anymore. This may sounds cliche, but believed me, there's always a light at the end of the tunnel. When one door closes, another door opens. I'm glad you found the other door.

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