photography mania

 May be until just one century ago or even less, there was no term media as we know it now. The best tools of media are photos and sounds or both of them (videos). By such material, the media has so strong raucous magnitude in our present time. It is the time of photography mania in which there is a big tendency to visual carnage.

It comes as no surprise that photographer chases mishaps trying to find the most horrible dead bodies or the helpless victims of misfortune. He doesn’t intend to give hand for them he rather immortalizes happily the moment of their horrible feeling.

Photographer sends hurls of flashes in order to capture the best photo. The much visibility of photo deserves much money and fame. The photographer  makes a high fame for the dead bodies or the helpless victims too which victims themselves didn’t  dream to get it before their death. Some miserable bodies deserve to be in the covers of magazine whereas some in the last page. But some photos will be neglected  because of the curse of the dead. What a pity there are ranks for photos.

 The more horrible photo is the more expensive price will deserve. Photographer knows well the norm of taking photos . According to this norm, there is hierarchy and preferences for some photos. The ugliness,  blood, severe cruelty all these features make the photos good in the eyes of photographer.


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  • Even when you are working in the photography field at that time you need the English language so you can talk with international clients. That's why I am also learning and improving my English language.

  •  Hello, 

    This topic is extremely critical and needs to be regulated with the rules which are legal and moral. Beause, this is the world we live in serves the wild capitalist economy.

    From corporate to individual or press to youtube should be taken under control to keep the real journalists from others. "Respect to the right to information".

    But, I sadly remember that Princess Diana's death. (It was announced like that)


    • The reason was not the Paparazzi , It was a clean complot created by the hidden forces  !.....related to Di's death !!!!....Grazie.

    • Buongiorno Adriano, 

      Thank you for your interest,

      That days, I was so sad and read a lot of documents, actually, time to time I still do. 

      "Conspiracy theories, Unanswered questions, Unspoken things"..... 

      Shortly, I heartily agree with you on this.....

      by the way, we've been in Napoli, Pompeii, Sorrento, Amalfi last month.

      .It was indeed amazing. History and nature is magnifico.




    • Hello Selm,

      How I am glad to get a comment from educated member like you. Thank you Selma for your rational comment.

    • Thank you tawfeeg for your kind respond. 

      Your content deserves more attention and comment. Also for me, 

      it was a worthy cause to be active in EC.:)

      Thank you so much.

  • Hello... A short reminding readers and commentators ; As nouns the difference between photographer and paparazzi is that photographer is one who takes photograps, typically as an occupation while paparazzi is ;freelance photographers who sell photographs of CELEBRITIES to the media,especially ones who pursue celebrities and attempt to obtain candid photographs .

    2) The word'' paparazzi '' is the PLURAL of paparazzo .feminine (paparazza). 3) Photographers are ARTISTS with the camera , using a blend of technical skills and artistic eye to take pictures of people,places,landscapes, you name it. Photographers can work as fine artists , wedding and event photographers ,or sell their photos to commercial clients .

    Before leaving comments , please research the missions of the occupations !!!


    • Hi, Adriano.

      Paparazzo/a...once facetiously nowadays a usual term for a special kind of press photographers, who track celebrities, shoots compromising pictures and then publish them for a lot of money.

      Nevertheless, most of them are real photographers by profession with professional equipment and skills.

      Paparazzo/a...that is not the name of a profession, it is the attitude to that occupation, and it reveals the character of those least in my opinion.
      The only that counts is money.

      Not only the Paparazzi should be blamed but also the buyers and consumers of compromising pictures. Supply and demand is the magic word and the sad truth.

      Thanks for advising us on researching expressions but I think I made my duty. I had made my research already before I commented here.

      The word Paparazzo comes from the name of a pushy press photographer Walter Santesso portrayed in the 1960's "The Sweet Life" of Federico Fellini.

      Paparazzi always justify their work with the right to press freedom, in my eyes, it's an only unlawful intrusion into the privacy of others and is simply unethical behavior to me.



    • Hello Dear Rose, Thank you very much for your opinion shered to me ...There are  no laws to ban this profession in countries  (Specially in Europa ) so, this s a legal work and we have no right to blame their works nor their occupations....Everything is LEGAL .. No ?..... 

      2) You and the others are good readers,writers, commentators and researchers aswell !....

    • Many thanks dear Adriano for your explanation. Your comments on my blogs delight me alot.

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