Parade of Gandrung Sewu

Indonesia has been known as a country that has a lot of cultural diversity.  One of them  is an event wich held my hometown, Banyuwangi, East Java, the show was called Parade Gandrung Sewu.  Gandrung Sewu means a thousand of Gandrung Dancers, yeah that’s true, this event showed a thousand of Gandrung Dancers, wich is a traditional dance from Banyuwangi.  They’ll dancing ‘Gandrung’ at Pantai Boom, one of beach  in there.  How can they get a thousand Gandrung dancers? They were collected from the schools that exist in Banyuwangi. Then they will be trained specifically for this event. This event wast first organized last year, and will be held every year, to celebrate the anniversary of Banyuwangi city.

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  • As long as i know, the number of dancers must be the same, noaslpls .. in accordance with the theme, a thousands of Gandrung dancers. If someday you're going to visit Indonesia, don't forget to watch this event :) thank you for your comment

  • So the number must be the same every year? Just a thousands dancers? BTW, the dancers in the photo looked amazing.

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