Hi, travelers and those who are interested in the Earth's exploration and opening this world. I continue my blogging about travels I make in my life. 

This time i went to Poland and Lithuania. I've been there from 26.12 to 31.12. Actually it isn't my first time when I go to Poland and Lithuania. But I explored these cities during Christmas for the first time! As usual I try to tell not only about the trip and show you photos I made but also I want to share some useful tips you need to know about these cities! So, take your bag packs and let's go! 

At first, how did I get there? I used a bus company "Ecolines" for my travelings. I booked all tickets online so it was cheap, comfortable and fast. By the way, if you book a return ticket, Ecolines give you -20% from the ticket price ;) That warmed my soul and wallet. 

I took my bus early in the morning and went to Lithuania. By the way, Ecolines company has wifi in buses so you can travel and stay online whenever you are. 

It took me 3 hours to get to Lithuania, Vilnius. The weather was cold, around -10, and it was around 10 o'clock in the morning so not so many people were on my way. 

When you get to Vilnius, railway and bus station are close to each other. From the 1st of January Lithuania uses euro but if you come with dollars, you can change them in Medicinos Bankas. It's almost in the same building as railway station and next to bus station. Pay attention that if you change money in Lithuania, you pay the commission. 

My bus to Warsaw was lately in the evening so I started wondering around the city. I went to the old city and there was a Christmas fair there. Here is the main Christmas tree of the city. 

There you could buy not only souvenirs, but also hand made things and yummy things as well. Like this 

Actually Vilnius isn't my favorite city and I feel depressed there (I don't know why) but some views are good. Check it! 

When you go down by Gedimino avenue to the Old city's direction, you'll see the old building that is called "Gedimino's tower" (that orange tower on the photo). You can go there and see the city from the roof! 

Useful tips about Vilnius: 

1) The price for the public transport is 3,50 lt (around 1 euro). Pay every time you go otherwise you'll have the problems. 

2) There is no underground in Vilnius. Only buses and trolley-buses. 

3) I can recommend 2 shopping centers for you. One is "Acropolis" (take bus 53 from the railway station and after 25 minutes you'll see it) and another is "Ozas" (almost the same place where Acropolis is). There are sales there so you can find good clothes and shoes for yourself :) 

4) If you are hungry, you can go to every cafe or pizzeria. Everywhere is tasty and you'll spend around 40-50 lt if you want to eat good! (it's more than 10 euros). 

5) People use English here but not all. Many speak Russian. 

6) If you need to go to Vilnius airport, there is a public taxi car from the Bus station to airport. The price is around 1-2 euros. Airport in Lithuanian is called "Oro Vostas". 

7) If it is cold outside and you need to wait for your train\bus, wait on the railway station. It is warmer and saver there. 

Around 20 00 I came to the station and decided to buy some magazines to read while going to Warsaw. It was great that I bought my favorite magazine about the Earth and travelings  in Russian there and also it was great because the seller gave me a flower just because he liked me!) So here it is. I put this flower in my suit case and it made me happy in my Warsaw's hotel. 

At 22 00 there is a bus to Warsaw (Poland) and you arrive in the polish capital city early in the morning at 5 o'clock. You can stay on the central railway station if you have time (there's wifi point there). But remember that toilets are opened after 6o'clock in the morning but if you go downstairs there's 24 hours working WC :) Also you can change money here to Zloty. the price of the toilet is 2,5 zl (around 1 dollar). 

Also you can find a lot of cafes downstairs if you need to wait for your hotel check-in. And I found mine! 

If I need a hotel, I use the site booking.com where I read about the hotel, check the map and the destination and read the feedback from people who were there. This time I chose "Mercure hotel". It's 100 m from the Central railway station, 4 stars, and it is situated in front of the shopping centre. I chose it because of the destination and the feedbacks people gave on the site. And I support them coz the hotel was awesome! I'll use it again and again every time I go to Warsaw. If you leave the hotel, you'll see a splendid view - a combination of Hi-tech and old buildings. Check it here! 

This time I went to the shopping malls (as a true woman) and went to the Old city. By the way, it was a sales' time (after 25th of December) so women can feel as if they are in paradise. If you want to get to the Old city, take a bus 160 from the Central railway station and go on the bus stop "Staroe Miasto:. And there you are! I suggest you to view some of my photos to imagine that atmosphere! Enjoy! 

So here is my favorite shopping centre "Zloty Tarasy" in the morning time when there are no people :) 

Useful tips about Warsaw: 

1) When you exchange money, you pay no commission here. Be careful because the amount of money you can get for your euros\dollars is different in each place. 

2) All cafes are tasty in Warsaw and the price you pay for every time you eat is almost the same as in Vilnius. 

3) Be careful with your bags and suitcases. Sometimes people aren't save here:) 

4) Warsaw is a city full of places of interests so you need a week to see everything. I'll come back here for the third time for sure !! 

5) Poland is my shopping paradise! :) 

6) Warsaw has trams, buses and underground as public transport. Pay every time you go or you will have problems. 

7) Most people here speak English so it's very comfortable here. 

After several days in Warsaw I returned to Vilnius and came back home by bus after midnight. What I can say about these days, I like them thought it was -16 sometimes outside :D 

If you have some questions or you go to these cities, feel free to ask me. Honey Voyager will always share the knowledges and tips about these places :D 

 While traveling at winter time, don't forget to wear warm things like I did. And thank god I had my scarf, mittens and warm coat with fur boots. It doesn't matter I looked like a polar bear but  I feel warm inside  :D 

And this is all for this time. My next stop will be in Krakow (Poland) so see you around :D 

Always yours, Honee BEEbeeeBEE :) 

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