One world!


Seats thirty, thirty one and thirty two, on the Jeddah \ Casablanca flight have been empty since our departure. I told myself to take them and lie there for awhile as long as the flight usually takes about six to seven hours. I took them. In front of me, two happy ladies were talking about  going back to their husbands in the Ukraine. I did not believe what I heard. The Russians gave back Crimea to the Ukrainians and withdrew from there. The Americans decided to lift the sanctions from them. It seemed to me those ladies were not telling the truth. The conflict between the Palestinians and the Israelis is over. No massacre in the Central republic of Africa, Sudan and in Myanmar and the fighting parties put their guns and stopped the killing. The north and south Koreans united in one Korea. The war in Syria came to an end and all the  refugees came back and they are now rebuilding their devastated country. No more bombing in Iraq and Lebanon. People all over the world are now brothers and sisters. The stewardess woke me up for dinner, I have been dreaming.

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  • Believe me Shadow, even dreaming, some people won't permit us to dream. Thanks for your nice wishing and comment, too!

  • Beautiful dream. Wishing your dream come true a Sir from my bottom heart. Thanks for sharing dear friend Dara.
  • Mashkoora ya Sewar!  Thanks Sewar for your kind comments!

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  • If our dreams come true ,we will live in peace aaaaaaaaall life.
  • I don't think that it is right to called this love .do you think that it is possible to make a romantic relationship through net? i don't think so maybe you talk with others and exchange information about many things but it doesn't mean that you can fall in love with that person because you don't know anything about that person and you just talk about simple things not about some complicated issues like love.

  • The magic of dreaming!!!! Anything is possible.........

  • is it always been a dream????????????????

  • Hmmm....that love story. Yes, it is love because it failed to detect boundaries. People call it blind, right? Love is like water, it passes through parched soil and the maze of the roots.

  • that's what you called love. and age doesn't matter for those people who feel in love.

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