"One Fine Day" (A husband's Point of View) - PART TWO

Finally an idea has emerged in my mind. I offered her lunch outside and she seemed to be pleased by my offer and immediately accepted it. Within ten minutes I got ready and asked her to come to the parking lot. I waited there for 20 minutes but seeing no sign of her, I got mad. When I got back I saw her moving from one room to another changing dozen of attires. Running out of patience I told her: “You know how long I have been waiting for you outside. Will you please make it fast?”  Five more minutes please, she requested.

Irately I said: “Okay”

This time she was prompt and we started heading towards the Restaurant. I got lost in between. Seeing the same building blocks couple of times she asked: “Why you don’t seek somebody’s help?”

I got offended by her question and said “See, I know how to get you there safely, don’t teach me okay”.

There was pin drop silence in the car for a moment and then she said: “But why are you behaving like this”? I’m just offering a help. This time her voice was low.

I was burning in anger and replied “Don’t give me unsolicited advice unless I ask you”.

She kept mum for a while.

We couldn’t enjoy the lunch after these fights. Coming back from the restaurant she started checking my mobile.

I got annoyed by her behavior and I said:  “I told you thousand times not to check my mobile. I need my privacy “

Five minutes later when I peeped at her I felt as if she was like an inflated balloon waiting to blast.

And I cursed my bad idea of having lunch outside.

After that we drove home in silence. I dropped her at home and said “I will be bit late to home as I want to meet Ram”. She nodded and said: “Okay”.

After one hour I met Ram (young, bachelor) outside his house.

Desperately I said: “Ram I don’t think I can stand it anymore”.

Ram consoled me and said: “See, your problem is that you are unnecessarily scolding her for small mistakes. Do one thing, hold your anger at least for some days and try to please her or surprise her with small gifts. Trust me dear everything will be okay. You know I’m good at female psychology".…he laughed.

Yeah you are my only hope. I replied and left the place.

On the other hand she was calling her best friend Emil (young, divorcee)

She told her entire story. Emil consoled her and said: “Men are always Men. If a man is behaving indifferent then he would be hiding something from you. She added, I remember you telling me about his colleague. Is there any…?" She paused for a second.

Something sparked in her mind. She said: “No No he is not like that. Seems like he has come, I will call you later and she hung up the call. Thoughts were swirling up in her mind.

After sometime she heard a knock at the door, she opened the door and asked: “Why are you late. Where have you been?” I hold my anger and said honey, “I bought a gift for you”. Her eyes widened and said what??? She artificially put smile on her face.

She couldn’t assimilate change of emotion in her husband’s behavior. Emil’s face flashed her mind in a second. She became more and more desperate.

To be continued...

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  • They seemed to be getting irritated with even small thing. Is it because they can't clearly communicate, or is it because of bigger things?

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