(Oh) Boy!

I am only a piece of life, I am nothing among the great people around me. I,however want to make something to be amazing. At least, I still have my effort to do my best achievement.

A Saying may say "This is the Life!", yeah whatever I got from God are the best for me. I enjoy all HIS Blessing for my life. I know that God will give me what I need than what I want.

Wondering of my life, It's colorful. I love knowing it. I am surrounded by all my beloved people. They are priceless, none can exchange it.

Others may think of this question "How about planning our future?", "This life is hard to survive". I either am sure about it or perhaps, they are afraid to fail it. I honestly say "It's our biggest fear,when, everybody is afraid of failure,"

"Oh Boy!" We haven't known our future yet, It's still a part of mysteries in our life." We have believed in God, God has set all best decisions for us.

"So what should we do?".. This question will appear on our mind.
We no need to do a big thing, to show our life off. We only need to do our best effort, though, it's only a small effort. If, we did it sincerely, May God will bless us.

Be grateful for everything, make all people happy due our life is our main priority.

Happiness comes from a pure smile, and you all can make it. As long as you do it with your heart, God Knows our deed better.

"Never give up!"
Best regards

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  • Elen :) I do agree with ya :) God gives us much blessing

  • Nice blog! Believing in ourselves and with the help of God we can achieve many things!

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  • Selamat sore Mister Chokeman! Saya harap akan menjadi temen anda. Could I be one of your friends?

  • hahaha :V I dunno , I learn it from "PRIA PANAS" :v
  • Hmmm? I wonder who this new blogging member is? Actually, I'd recognize the writing of one Dimas P. anywhere on the planet, under any alias! lol

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