O Bird! O Bird!!

O bird! O bird!!
Flying high! Flying high!!
Waiting someone, waiting someone
Down below to die!!!

Yes I am dying, see down below here, but please O bird when I die eat all of my body but do not eat my eyes, because she is in here in my eyes. Can’t you see her beautiful image inside them?

How many times the people asked me why all this reflection of her, and in reply I closed my eyes to keep her with me only not to share her lovely presence with anyone.

O bird please eat my heart when it pulsate no more, when she may one day return and catch you, she will find my heart still pulsing inside you.

My senses are nothing as long as lack her touch, but my heart is the most important as never stopped pulsing her name.,

O bird I feel sorry for you as the deep pain of missing will follow you
All your life torturing you as long as my heart living inside you.
I am sorry O bird, I am so sorry!!

Idea borrowed from my own blog KAGA:

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  • Eva

    Try to find and watch Mackna's Gold. The title song.  You will find it very touchy, the bird which eat flesh.

    Thanks for the comments.......................have you evern seen hawks flying.  

    And you know vultures eat flesh of dead bodies.

    Btw, I also have watched The Birds of Alfred Hitchcock.  Those were mostly the crows (CAGA).

  • Thanks a lot Amal, for your encouragement.

  • Thanks a lot Nimzaf and Ada for giving it value with beautiful comments.

    I thank all (many in number) who appreciated my blog by hitting the like button.  Be blessed you all!

  • O Bird, Don't take my heart too because she is there.

  • very well said. I enjoyed reading it. Thanks for sharing.

  • Soooooo sensitive blog by a sensitive writer. BEAUTIFUL!
  • Thank you Hadia and Usra!

  • Nice Blog

  • Thanks sis Ratu for liking.

  • nicely written brother....thanks for sharing

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