No effort, no gain

When he saw coconuts high up in trees, he wanted to drink coconut water. He thought about how he could drink them for a while. He thought he needed to climb a tree, so he practiced climbing trees for many days.

After he learned how, he climbed a tree and drank coconut water. Then, some guys came to the tree and said, "Please give us the coconut water." He thought that I had made an effort in order to get them, but they tried to get them without any effort. So he said that, "You guys should practice climbing trees if you want them. No effort, no gain."

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  • Hi, Becky. Hehehe, it is also a metapher. If you want to eat something, you need money to buy them. You must work to get money, isn't it? "climbing trees" and "digging a well" are metaphers of working, making efforts and getting skills.

  • Hello, Becky. Thank you for your comment. You don't need to feel sad and climb trees. This is a metaphor. It may be changed to "If you want to drink water, you should dig a well."

    Of course, generosity is important. But it doesn't mean that people may ask for it though they are lazy and don't make efforts.

  • Hi, O.M. Thank you for sharing your opinion. I agree with "We can share our skills". But everybody must make efforts to gain skills. That is what I want to say.

  • Hi, Tam ))) I could not say better than Mishaikh )) I had my own ideas to respond, but after having read Mishaikh's comment, I see there is nothing to add here else. We all have our skills, which we can perform better than others...So..why no to share )))  The law of reciprocity: The more you give, the more you get. Well...I guess it works only when you do not expect anything in return ))) Lol. Thank you for sharing ))) Have a nice weekend.


    Not my words. Neither picture ))) Stolen from the internet )))heheh

  • Hi, Mishaikh. Thank you for your comment. This is a metaphor of "No pain, no gain". It doesn't enjoy the fruit of our efforts. Your example of teaching computer skills is similar to my example. People should making efforts to gain something, we should not wait for money falling from the sky.

  • But sometimes we let the others enjoy the fruit of our efforts.  He should have thought that someone else has sowed the seed of the tree so that others could enjoy the furit.  According to his thought, he should have to sow the tree himself to drink the coconut water.

    There was an old man (in a Chinese story), who was sowing the trees.  Some passerby asked him, why are you doing so, coz you might not be alive to enjoy the fruit of these trees.  The old man replied "I have been enjoying the fruit of the trees grown by my ancestors.  I am growing these tress for the people to come, not for me.

    I had a college of mine, he learned the computer.  Whenever anyone in the office ask him to help, he used to say, "I have paid for the learning, why would I teach you without any fee."  No body liked his this gesture.  But there were others who never hesitated to extend help to others thought they paid for their learning.

    So I do not consider the act of the person in your story is a 'morality' 


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