My cousins

They are one of a kind, they are my preciuose jewel in my life. They are priceless and you can't find them anywhere in this world. They are my happiness in times that I felt so sad, they are my inspiration when I am going to face my greatest challenge in my life.

Every time that I see their faces, my heart wants to jump
Because I am so excited to see them again. But when they are going to leave I felt that my world is not complete. And now I realize that you cannot turn back the time. So that is why that I am telling you that you should treasure them in your life.

Because who knows that you might not see them anymore. Be happy and always smile to them and spent your little time with them.

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  • We should cherish every moment.

  • Happy memories to cherish

  • And the little boy is my nephew.

  • Thanks they are my cousins

  • What a lovely picture. You all look so happy ^_^

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