I really do not know whether this is the best for us, but All the decisions are in your hands. As your children we can only pray for the best. We love you, mom

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  • All I can do is to kiss my mom's hands and to bow her for all she has sacrificed for me. I owe my mom her youth and many many many uncountable precious things. God bless all moms around the world.

    Kiss and hug my lovely mom.

  • Ini bagus Novvy Anisa Maulida. Saya cinta mom saya dan saya cinta Novvy juga. Silakhan, jangan marah. saya injin menjadi teman kamu. Saya harap anda menerima. I love my mother and I love those who love their mothers. I hope to be one of your friends. Thank you!

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