I used to come online on chatroom on week end and find Michelle yang our friend from taiwan) always jumping and bring happiness for us even when we are sad but she always make you smile  , but last week i come and didnt find her anymore !! even her page was removed , I asked Raun and he said she was baned !!!!I was so shoked !! how can a sweet friend like Michelle got baned from EC !! she is the one who was so close to EC and she did lot for EC to keep us all unity like one family , she was member since more than 2 years and now she got baned , is that her reward after all what she did for EC?? plz guys do rememer her and her shinning smile

Guys do you bellive an Angel and flower like Michelle Got Baned on EC !!!that so sad

Dear Michelle even they baned you from EC they cant bane you from our heart ...love you always  sister

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  • hello guys finally Michelle yang is back here is her new page :)

    Michelle yang "our EC's Flower "

  • yup Ohnie you are right , i still remember while she was singing and you too , I really miss that time we enjoyed a lot our conference , she also as you said record herself dansing with lovely kids that she teach but now i am so sad we ain't find her lovely smile and energy anymore here in EC :( that is a big lose for EC :(
  • Just want to share this video.  DM, you may not remember this, but Mich performed her own version of this song on skype when we used to do conference there.  She wasn't shy to sing at all just like she wasn't shy to post her dance video on EC. Hahahah!  But it's not funny anymore, 'coz now we can't get to watch that video since her account is deleted.  Too bad!



  • It is good that the staff here deleted Champion's comment, because it hurts  more than it heals.

    And champion, what is your benifites from all that? your not helping at all. You also lost your respect by that. If any one wants to post his or her comments, it must be done with respect to others, and off course done for the main aim which is supporting Michelle yang. So Champion be a real champion and back off!

    Thank you guys, You all, I'm proud of you. A real friend is the one who never give up on you. You gave your hand this time to your friend, you never know in the future if you need your friend's hand to stand up.

    Thank you all!

  • Ida plz teach DG from your smartness:D

    DG that parachute should be close forever ;)

    Bianca: Michelle is so sad  , we spoke with her yesterday with Ida and she miss you all and pass her greeting for you all , I will try to get her back but it need little time that sadness will desapear she feel hurt :(

  • Ida i will write a blog about your naughtiness ....>_<
  • thnk you Nadira and karenina ,Mr night and Raun for your effort plz do something , we need our flower to get back here , I am sure shewas a victim of misunderatsanding  so plz bring her back if you can , I highly appreciate your effort ..
  • Dear Nafis I didnt say anything to you and i didnt juge anybody , read well again my Blog I suddenly come and didnt find Michelle so my friend Raun  told me she was banned , I got surprised if it was him who got baned i can undersntand but Michelle!!!! how come that unbellivelable , you are my teacher and I respect you so much ,  you helped me a lot yes and i am so thankful for that but it doesnt mean that I  accept that you saying about me i am spreading rumor coz you know well its not rumor and its true.... !!
  •  I know Michelle, she appears on MyEC almost every day, but she is not around us any more. Nadira, Maybe you are right, we all appreciate the staff here for their hard work, but Michelle deserve a second chance.

    Who ever is in charge Here in MyEC, Please we all humbly ask you :

    You can give her a warning with a conditioned  second chance. She is a good person whom deserve to be here.


    Good people to good people

    Are like two waters when they attached

    they become one matter,

    moving in one way

    and staying togeather

    for long.



  • If Michelle  was banned, as  this blolg says , it  must  be  for the spamming messages  she sent on behalf of her freind Ruen  to  the adminstration many many times.  It was sent even after Rauen  came back, which i presume Michelle did not know.The Administration is doing a fantastic job for learners and native speakers alike.  Troubling them through spamming over another issue , disturbs their routine work. True  the paticlar incident highlighted  was rectified , and I spoke to Rauen personally   through Skype that period. He  was back , so I just cant understand  why Michelle had to again send these messages to others at the administration. I did not know Mich got banned , till I asked so...

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